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Lewis Jordan
alto saxophone, poetry
Born in San Francisco, grew up in Chicago…with the blues…which he got too from time to time…with learning to associate creative musicians with the advancement of society as we know it.

Jordan is an international touring and recording musician; poet; actor and playwright. He was a founding member of United Front, the seminal San Francisco Bay Area ensemble known for its originality, aggressive imagination and cultural synthesis. As a performer Jordan has bridged the worlds of music and the written word —through composition, saxophone and poetry.

In his career, he has focused on creative structures for improvisation, which has led to his work with artists from a range of disciplines. He has performed with dancers, poets, actors and musicians—including Brenda Wong Aoki, Anthony Braxton, Juan Ceballos, Scott Davis III, Lisle Ellis, Sara Felder, Danny Glover, Q.R. Hand, Mark Izu, Jon Jang, Kash Killion, Genny Lim, devorah major, James Newton…Donald Robinson, Ntozake Shange, Cecil Taylor and others, many presented in his Music At-Large series.

His interest continues to be meeting and working with performers delving into their deeper resources for modes of expression that honor their traditions while speaking to the urgency of the present. If that’s in B-flat, fine. If it’s in time, that could work too. If it’s outside, it must be honest…
CDs on which Lewis Jordan appears:
Karl Evangelista's Apura Ngayon
Artist: Karl Evangelista's Apura
Title: Ngayon
Label: Astral Spirits AS208
Label page on this site: Astral Spirits
Astral Spirits AS208