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Bandcamp’s mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.

We believe that music is an indispensable part of culture, and for that culture to thrive, artists—no matter the size of their audience—must be compensated fairly and transparently for their work. Without this belief, our mission would be meaningless, and it’s why we’ve built our business around a model that puts the artist first.

When you buy something on Bandcamp, whether it’s digital music, vinyl, or a t-shirt, ticket or cassette, 80-85% of your money goes to the artist, and we pay out daily. The remainder goes to payment processor fees and Bandcamp’s revenue share, which is 10-15% on digital items, and 10% on physical goods.

Since we only make money when artists make a lot more money, our interests remain aligned with those of the community we serve. It’s a straightforward approach, and one we’re happy to say works well. Fans have paid artists $310 million using Bandcamp, and $6.3 million in the past 30 days alone. We were founded in 2007, have been profitable since 2012, and we’re growing rapidly. Bandcamp is used by millions of fans around the world, and is an indispensable tool for hundreds of thousands of artists and more than 3,000 labels. The New York Times called Bandcamp “one of the greatest underground-culture bazaars of our time,” Fast Company named us one of the most innovative companies in music, and the American Association of Independent Music honored us with their 2017 Independent Champion award.

We consider all that a fine start, but only a start. We continue to work tirelessly to build an enduring and valuable service, and whether you’re an artist, fan, label, or one of the people listed here, we hope you’ll be a part of it.
Steve Adams A Capella Barbeque 
Artist: Steve Adams
Audio Samples
Tim Walters Shatter in Place 
Artist: Tim Walters
Kyle Bruckmann Triptych (tautological) 
Artist: Kyle Bruckmann
Kyle Bruckmann Draußen ist Feindlich 
Artist: Kyle Bruckmann
Eki Shola Essential 
Artist: Eki Shola
The Vijay Anderson Quartet Covers 
Artist: The Vijay Anderson Quartet
Vijay Anderson Quartet
San Francisco Tape Music Collective San Francisco Tape Music Collective 
Artist: San Francisco Tape Music Collective
San Francisco Tape Music Collective
Grex Everything You Said Was Wrong 
Artist: Grex
Thomas Dimuzio Balance 
Artist: Thomas Dimuzio
Bruckmann/Djll/Heule/Nishi-Smith Brittle Feebling 
Artist: Bruckmann/Djll/Heule/Nishi-Smith
Brett Carson The Killing Jar 
Artist: Brett Carson
Jameson Swanagon Gather and Tare 
Artist: Jameson Swanagon
Jameson Swanagon As wild and various as the random gales 
Artist: Jameson Swanagon
Jameson Swanagon Belonging 
Artist: Jameson Swanagon
Jameson Swanagon The Torn Attachment 
Artist: Jameson Swanagon
Jameson Swanagon Preludes for a Small Wooden Box 
Artist: Jameson Swanagon
Jameson Swanagon Meditations for a Walk Outside 
Artist: Jameson Swanagon
Eki'Shola BHMEM 
Artist: Eki'Shola
Kattt Atchley & Ron Heglin DUO 
Artist: Kattt Atchley & Ron Heglin
Atchley Heglin
Amanda Chaudhary Aquatic 
Artist: Amanda Chaudhary