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Jameson Swanagon
guitarist, composer, field recordist
Jameson has stewarded a long-labored preoccupation to make music rich in texture and meaning with simple elements. His work strives to create seamless contexts for improvisation, engages fully with silence and stillness, and exploits the idiomatic quirks of the guitar as a catalyst for composition. Jameson solicits a plethora of sounds to interrogate and contextualize his guitar playing. This includes ‘translations’ on harps and bells; field recordings; metal cables captured with contact microphones; sine tones key-gated by natural artifacts (like ocean waves) metronomes or random number generators; and a delay system designed in Max.

Jameson is a regular contributor to the Oakland and San Francisco music scenes. He has performed as a part of Ben Goldberg's Brainchild, Michael Coleman's Young Nudist, Zach Rogue's Release the Sunbird, Anthony Coleman's Retake Iowa, as well as with composer Jacob Zimmerman, songwriter Caleb Nichols, and the rock bands Churches, Grand Lake, Some Ember, Otherness and Rad Cloud.

He studied with Joe Morris and Anthony Coleman at the New England Conservatory of Music, where he graduated with honors in 2007.


2020 Gather and Tare
2019 As wild and various as the random gales
2017 Belonging, featuring Theo Padouvas
2015 The Torn Attachment, featuring Theo Padouvas
2013 Changelessness
2012 The Mallard Bell
2010 Desolation Happiness
2009 The Big Feet - short film
Contact information:
Email: jswanagon (AT) gmail (DOT) com