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gabby fluke-mogul
Violinist, Improviser, Composer, Educator
gabby fluke-mogul is a violinist, improviser, composer, & educator living in Oakland, California.

They exist within the threads of free improvisation, the jazz continuum, noise, & experimental music.

Their playing has been described as embodied, visceral, & virtuosic.

gabby is humbled to have collaborated with Kyle Bruckmann, Nava Dunkelman, Wendy Eisenberg, Fred Frith, Jordan Glenn, Jacob Felix Heule, Lisa Mezzacappa, Kanoko Nishi-Smith, Pauline Oliveros, Danishta Rivero, & Tom Weeks, among many other musicians, poets, dancers, & visual artists.
Contact information:
Email: flukemogul (AT) gmail (DOT) com
Upcoming Events:

Saturday, February 1 2020 8:30 PM
Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Do-Over Music Series #14: duo B. Experimental Band plays Anthony Braxton
with guest director, Chris Jonas

As part of a world-wide series of Braxton75 events, the duo B. Experimental Band celebrates the music, life and enduring influence of visionary composer, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist and musical thinker Anthony Braxton in an all-Braxton program led by Santa Fe saxophonist, community organizer and Braxton collaborator Chris Jonas.

Polly Moller Springhorn, flutes
Matt Ingalls, clarinets
Rachel Condry, clarinets
Cory Wright, woodwinds
Bruce Ackley, woodwinds
Randy McKean, woodwinds
Dan Plonsey, woodwinds
Tom Weeks, alto saxophone
Kasey Knudsen, alto saxophone
Michael Zelner, alto saxophone and Bb clarinet
Daniel Goldberg, tenor saxophone
Steve Adams, alto saxophone/electronics
Erika Oba, flute/keyboard
Ian Carey, trumpet
Ron Heglin, trombone/euphonium
gabby fluke-mogul, violin
Kevin CK Lo, violin
Juan Hernandez, guitar
John Finkbeiner, guitar
Brett Carson, keyboard
Kjell Nordeson, vibraphone
Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass
Andrew Harlan, acoustic bass
Safa Shokrai, acoustic bass
Dillon Vado, percussion
Suki O'Kane, percussion
Jordan Glenn, drums
Jason Levis, drums  More...