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K. Atchley/greensatan
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K. ATCHLEY / greensatan

Current Projects

  • greensatan

    greensatan creates atmospheric electronic music, experimental/electronic Black Metal; and visual arts that embrace themes of darkness, doom, the occult, and death.

    Crypto Projects

  • DRONEBITS NFT Collection on

    K. Atchley’s performances and works have been featured in US and international venues including:
    The San Francisco Tape Music Festival (2020);
    STEIM (Amsterdam); Skolska28 (Prague); N.K. (Berlin);
    T-U-B-E (Munich); Gallery of Fine Arts (Ostrava);
    The Loft, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp (Cologne);
    The Kitchen, Bang On A Can, Roulette (NYC);
    REDCAT/CEAIT (Los Angeles);
    CROSSROADS/SF Cinematheque, 23five/Activating the Medium, The LAB, SFEMF (SF);
    Stork Club (Oakland).

    Composed and performed with the early hybrid-analog/digital electronic groups MEAL (1980-82) (w/ Brian Reinbolt) and Roto-League (1982-83) (w/ Sam Ashley, Ben Azarm, John Bischoff, Jay Cloidt, Barbara Golden, Jim Horton, Tim Perkis); and as an instrumentalist in the avant-art-pop band IXNA (Jay Cloidt, Marina La Palma).

    Collaborators have included Mark Trayle, Jim Horton, Phil Harmonic (Kenneth Werner), video artist Bill Thibault.

    Atchley's sculptural fountains and music have been commissioned by and performed with RoseAnne Spradlin Dance (NYC).

    Written works:
  • Interpretive score for "14251", SoundVisions (PFAU Neue Musik, Germany, 2005). Click for details
  • Libretto of his opera 'Edison's Last Project(ION)'
  • Lyrics for choral work 'Lumiere de Main' published in 'the guests go in to supper' (Burning Books, USA). Click for details
  • Article describing his opera "Don Giovanni" was published in the Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 1, 1991. Click here
  • Profile of his work appeared in The Wire (issue #256): Click here

  • Recorded works include:
  • Vexing Shadows (CDBaby)
  • Fountains (Auscultare Research)
  • Study In Brown Noise from The Big California Noise Compilation (Thee Instagon Foundation)
  • Collaboration with John Bischoff "Sealed Cantus" on Bischoff's CD "Aperture" (23Five)
  • CDs on which K. Atchley/greensatan appears:
    greensatan (K. Atchley) Casting Winter's Circle
    Artist: greensatan (K. Atchley)
    Title: Casting Winter's Circle
    Label: Bandcamp
    Label page on this site: Bandcamp