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Alan Zignoto
i'm searchable on bandcamp and youtube as slobberkissintl. 'intl' is short for international, although i doubt i have achieved as much worldwidedness as your Pitbulls or your Toro y Mois, but it is in the name, thus it remains a goal. slobberkiss refers to the funniest thing that happened when i was a kid, which was, i would get my neighbor Billy in a full nelson and his little brother Bryant would plant a big slobbery kiss on his forehead. i'm laughing now just thinking of it. this happened SEVERAL times. so, what am I saying calling my brand this? that i want this to happen to the entire Earth? am i the slobberkisser now or still the full-nelsoner? the answer is yes.

i have played a variety of instruments and sounds in such groups as Jackie o Motherfucker, Sapat, Softcheque, DeepPockets, the Delighters, DreamEyeColorWheel, and a band that i dont think ever had a name or released music so how could you possibly be impressed by me mentioning it here but we were really good and i guess i will retroactively name us Jazz Whales because that was the only clear and obvious song title we had and that's because i started saying Jazz Whales in the middle because that's what the jam sounded like, Mindhorn,Valley of Ashes with Pete from MagikMarkers, i might have played with someone from NoNeck Blues Band or maybe that never happened, i definitely played with Damo Suzuki once... oh i should mention that my friend Lowe Sutherland played midi guitar in JazzWhales but it was a hot pink midi guitar and i called it the LSD Cigarette and i should also mention that if you ever hear JazzWhales, just know that you are hearing take two because take one was just Lowe and me playing at Russian Recordings in Bloomington Indiana, the studio that Lil Bub built, and no one bothered to record it although that was perhaps the musical highlight of my entire life because Lowe's LSD Cigarette was conjuring spirits or some shit and then the rest of the band came in and someone hit record and we did a reasonable enough facsimile of JazzWhales but we're all improvisers here so you know what trying to re-enter the zone is like.
CDs on which Alan Zignoto appears:
Zignoto Dynastic Marmots
Artist: Zignoto
Title: Dynastic Marmots
Label: Bandcamp
Label page on this site: Bandcamp