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Artist Kyle Bruckmann
Title Draußen ist Feindlich
Label Bandcamp - -
Released On 5/1/2020
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Ten (unedited, un-overdubbed) solo improvisations. An audio sketchbook of a month that wasn't.

I essentially swore off the purist "solo improv album" several years ago, unable to imagine I'd ever feel the slightest need to release another, focusing instead on collaboration and composition - dedicating the bulk of my creative practice to carefully crafting "pieces" and bringing to life those by and with others.

But then the strangest thing happened! And among my responses so far has been a practice of practicing - a desperate flailing towards an illusion of productivity and meaning.

The act of compiling and releasing these, in rather a fit of pique, is intended to serve as a counterweight to the gravity and painstaking deliberation inherent to "Triptych (tautological)." Please enjoy accordingly.