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Artist Grex
Title Everything You Said Was Wrong
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Released On 9/5/2020
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For Ayler, the rats, & everything that happened.

Have you heard this story? A man injures his leg during the hunt. He's in the middle of the savannah, with no means to treat the wound. The leg rots and death approaches. The last minute he's picked up by an airplane. He looks down and sees a land of pure white below him, glistening in the light. It's the summit of a snow-capped mountain; the mountain is Kilimanjaro. As he gazes down, he feels the life flowing out of him, and he thinks, "That's where I was headed..."

This whole thing started in a living room in Oakland. Over a decade, half a dozen albums, hundreds of performances, and tens of thousands of miles later, it still feels like yesterday - even though absolutely everything has changed. If you follow the sound, you’ll know what we mean. It’s been an absolute pleasure; as our hero and friend Louis Moholo-Moholo says, “You don’t have to love us… we love you.”

Geomancy Records / G1509B / G1509B-CD

℗ & © 2020 Karl A.D. Evangelista/M. Rei Scampavia. All rights reserved.
releases September 5, 2020

Karl Evangelista - guitar, voice, drums, samples, misc.
Rei Scampavia - synth, voice, drums, misc.
Robert Lopez - drum kit on Walking Ayler in Tarzana, Criminal, Boo Ghost, Dave Darinko, and Goodnight
& Nava Dunkelman - percussion on Moon Baby, Jin’s Run, Ikki

Recorded by Myles Boisen, add. recording by Evangelista/Scampavia
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio

Liner Photos by Lenny Gonzalez