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Artist Jameson Swanagon
Title Gather and Tare
Label Bandcamp - -
Released On 10/20/2020
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"Anecdotal Music introduces realist sounds as concrete images, added to traditional abstract sounds and structures. The audience becomes active because they are implicitly asked to imagine their own anecdote. The use of realistic elements allowed me to tell a story and enables the listener to invent their own meaning." - Luc Ferrari.

“They’re protest pieces because they are coming as a conscious answer to my own need and a social need around me, to find an answer, above all, to Franco Evangelisti’s conundrum or statement that there simply is no more music to compose. I wanted to contest that; I knew there was music to compose; it was inside of me, and I had to have the courage to find it, and to do it. And this way of rediscovering the roots, the simplicity, this universal key that binds all of us in music – of one note, then another note, then a third note, then a fourth note . . .” - Alvin Curran

Guitars, harmonica, pixie harp, autoharp, metal cables, shovels, Max processing and field recordings.

Recorded June to September 2020.

Malcolm Swanagon (age 4) plays toy piano on Anecdote 2, tells about using his sock as a glove on Anecdote 1 and drew the fox on the cover.

Anecdote 3 features a series of improvisations made on long metal cables supporting a power line tower on the levees at the back of San Francisco Bay. The sounds were recorded by attaching contact microphones to various parts of the apparatus.