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Artist Dan Plonsey
Title Saxophone and Clarinet Trios
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Released On 10/1/2020
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An offering from the ever-prolific Dan Plonsey featuring saxophone and clarinet trios performed by we and Cory Wright. The joy of improvising and pioneering brand new compositions with two of my favorite musicians–there’s a certain giddiness, but also a first-time focus as we’re navigating uncharted waters. Studio wizard John Finkbeiner captured it all at New, Improved and mixed and mastered this gem.

Randy McKean: alto and tenor saxophones; Bb and bass clarinets.
Dan Plonsey: tenor saxophone; Bb and alto clarinets. Also, compositions (if pieces don't sound composed, their improvised). And for the solo pieces, add soprano sax.
Cory Wright: baritone and tenor saxophones; Bb, alto, and bass clarinets.
Engineering by John Finkbeiner at New, Improved Recording, Oakland, CA. Editing and mastering by Finkbeiner as well.
Recorded Sunday, October 1, 2017.