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Artist Eki Shola
Title 還 (Kaeru)
Label Bandcamp - -
Released On 10/6/2023
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Renowned artist Eki Shola is set to enchant music enthusiasts once again with the release of her latest album, 還 (Kaeru). The title track serves as a poignant exploration of the concept of home and identity, drawing inspiration from her extensive travels and personal experiences.

Eki Shola's musical journey has always been characterized by a deep connection to diverse cultures and the human experience. With 還 (Kaeru), she delves into the theme of returning home - not just a physical space, but a spiritual and emotional journey towards self-discovery and authenticity.

The inspiration behind 還 (Kaeru) stems from Eki Shola's personal history as an immigrant and the quest to find a sense of belonging. Having moved from London as a child, she has felt the displacement that accompanies immigration, yearning to grasp the essence of what "home" truly means. The transformative events in her life, including the traumatic loss of her childhood (delete childhood) California home to wildfires in 2017, further fueled her exploration of this concept.

"還 (Kaeru)," which translates to "to return home," captures the essence of Eki Shola's profound introspection. The song encapsulates her emotions and experiences as she finds solace in the enchanting alleyways of Hiroshima, the vibrant streets of Lisbon, and the warm community of Addis Ababa. However, it is Japan, that speaks most to Eki Shola, validating the strong connection she felt when first visiting 20 years ago as a medical student. Collaborating with musicians in Japan, and recording at Studio Tepemok, a former community hospital, Eki Shola has masterfully woven sonic threads of identity and culture into the fabric of her music.

Eki Shola's unique journey culminated in the creation of her fifth album, 還 (Kaeru). The album showcases a fusion of her rich musical influences, intertwining them with her personal growth and healing process. The title track "還 (Kaeru)" itself represents the culmination of this voyage - a realization of the answers she sought about the concept of home. It symbolizes the joy of embracing authenticity and the profound realization that home resides within oneself.

The album 還 (Kaeru) is not just a musical experience; it's an odyssey of self-discovery, healing, and connection. Eki Shola invites listeners to embark on this transformative journey through her evocative melodies and soul-stirring lyrics.

還 (Kaeru) is available on Bandcamp and will be released on all major streaming platforms on 10/6/23.