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Artist Eki Shola
Title Final Beginning
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Released On 8/20/2016
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Eki Shola is a musical healer, composing music that allows listeners to relax and ease the daily stressors of life. Her debut album “Final Beginning” mixes ambient piano, syncopated beats, unexpected effects, and jazz organ riffs, compelling listeners to engage with her music in the here and now. As a musical memoir, “Final Beginning” unifies creative and pragmatic forces with the power of grief, personal challenges for healing, acceptance – and hope. Her creation is a mystical, funky, electro soul journey to which all can emotionally relate. “Final Beginning,” defines Eki Shola as a messenger of inner awareness and reflects her gratitude to a higher and her fellow being.

Eki Shola grew up in a family of healers of both mind and body. Her parents were multi-instrumentalists and her sibling uses his musical talents in his mental health practice. Eki Shola herself began classical piano lessons at the age of 5. In college, she played vibes for the Cornell University Lab Ensemble (CULE) a jazz band; performing with jazz trumpeter Steve Turre and Dr. Donald Byrd under the direction of Dr. Karlton Hester of Hesterian Musicism.

“Final Beginning” draws on diverse and often unpredictable influences including Mary Lou Williams, Rachmaninoff, Robert Glasper, Go Go Penguins, Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Taylor McFerrin and Zero 7. “Music can be therapeutic on many levels,” says Eki Shola. As a musician, Eki Shola knows the benefits of a creative outlet in developing and facilitating a more balanced lifestyle. As a practicing physician, Eki Shola has witnessed how physical and emotional manifestations of stress, fatigue and spiritual disconnection can adversely impact the ability to live an enriched, purposeful and fulfilled life. She has played her songs at cardiovascular health presentations to illustrate the healing power of music in terms of stress reduction and its importance in relation to physical movement which is integral to one’s overall health.

“Final Beginning” reflects a journey triggered by grief and spurned by motivation for healing and spiritual growth. This musical venture concludes with the audible realization that life is about inner reflections and improvisational healing.