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Artist Steve Adams
Title Spectral Ruckus
Label Bandcamp - -
Released On 10/25/2023
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Spectrum Ruckus is my fifth album that started as pieces for I was mostly exploring rhythmic concepts, working with ways of subverting regular pulse-based rhythms that I had devised. These often took the form of an unstable sequencer, or other randomizing devices. Regular rhythms still make their appearance, as well as one Reaktor device, Scrambler, that can clock off of an irregular pulse, and does what the name suggests. The other synth getting major play here is Forester, a brilliant creation by Leafcutter John that I’ve gotten deeply into. My next project, Improvisos, uses it almost entirely, along with overdubbed woodwinds. Two cuts, Clone Communion and Rope Fiddle, use a software modular synth I put together to be able to play Anthony Braxton’s Language Musics. Thanks to the SADFAM community for their support and inspiration.
released September 27, 2023

Steve Adams - laptop electronics