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Wed, Mar 15 2017 7:30 PM

For our March event at Canessa Gallery we're excited to present Kenneth Atchley, Kattt Atchley + Ron Heglin, and David Graves

David Graves
Outsider artist David Graves has a remarkably short attention span. His disparate body of works include the 2016 electronic exploration 20TH CENTURY TAPE, Soundwave’s AudioBus, improv with Jay Kreimer, Jorge Bachmann and Jennifer Wilsey, soundtracks for the California Academy of Sciences, sound design for Shotgun and Aurora theaters, ScienceNV progressive rock and two seasons as a resident composer with the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. This is the debut of his new solo electronic act.


Kattt Atchley / Ron Heglin
The vocal duo of Katt Atchley and Ron Heglin has evolved over a number of years to merge language and vocal sung traditions with a focus on experimentation. Both individual vocalists have evolved from a broad range of language and musical experiences.

Ron Heglin is a Vocalist and Trombonist exploring the broad sound palette of the human voice as expressed in many languages and musical traditions. This has led to the evolution of an imaginal or fictional language which is presented spoken and/or sung in performance either solo or in ensemble. Mr. Heglin has been a student of North Indian Vocal Music and credits this study with providing a musical grounding to his present work. As a Trombonist and as a Vocalist he has a long history of performance both locally and internationally as a part of the improvisation and new music community.

Kattt Atchley is an experimental vocalist, composer, and improvisor who creates a blended sound using her voice, amplification, and imagination. She enjoys playing solo or with others in acoustic and electro-acoustic environments. Since the late 90’s she has performed in an improvisational vocal duo with Ron Heglin. She is in the electronic experimental-pop band “The Atchley’s" and often collaborates with her husband, Kenneth Atchley. Kattt has performed at various venues, from theaters to galleries to museums to back yards, in the Bay Area (some still exist: Berkeley Arts Festival, The Lab, New Langton, Center for New Music, Yerba Buena, Luggage Store, 21 Grand, Center for Sex and Culture, Stork Club, Blackbox Theater, SFMOMA, Goat Hall, Crack O' Dawn KPFA, Tuva Space, Fine Arts Cinema, Meridian Gallery, CCA, Beanbenders, Sweat Shop, 23Ten Gallery, and others) and beyond (New York, Germany).


Kenneth Atchley
Kenneth Atchley composes abstract electronic sound: noise and tone poems, drones, generative ambient works. He lives in the East Bay.

untitled work from ‘an incomplete guide to pearls’
The harmonic material of currently untitled work was inspired
and derived from J. S. Bach’s Fugue in C# minor from the Well
Tempered Clavier. Rather than extending or playing on Bach’s
gently insistent, propulsive contrapuntal technique, I “de-fugue”
Bach by selecting vertical structures (chords) from the score
and developed them using various techniques: isolating chords,
performing them using electronic tone generators, extending
their duration, exploring and playing their sound and resonances
by modifying the timbre of the tone generators, changing
their sequence, overlapping them.

The performance is an improvisation based on many hours
developing the source material and instruments, working
and playing them, adjusting and re-adjusting approaches
including using un-embellished sine waves, synthesized
instruments, mixing in noise, distortion, and beats.

I slice this apple not in a vain attempt to perfect perfections'
form, but to get at the flavor in my own way.