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Wed, May 9 2018 7:30 PM

Deletist is a veteran experimental/dark ambient/electronic/neo-classical/minimalist performing impromptu loops with effected piano, electronics, found sounds, a broken oboe and a blood-stained cello.

Wilson Shook + Widow:
A field folded: Widow (A. Vitacolonna, microphone, bells, movement) and Wilson Shook (woodwinds). Sound, movement, space. Listening and choice. Dissonance and pleasure. Grasping the contours of possibility in a hostile environment. A field folded.

Saxophonist Wilson Shook makes music like a moth fluttering at a street light. Graceful, frantic, persistent and sometimes tragic, it is music absorbed of its own inscrutable purpose. It finds serenity in immediacy, escape in acts of radical presence. It is here, and then it is not. A self-taught improvising saxophonist, Wilson often performs as a soloist, with sustained collaborations including Greg Kelley (nmperign), Dave Abramson (Diminished Men, Master Musicians of Bukkake), Andrew Scott Young (Tiger Hatchery), Ben Bennett, Ryan Jewell, Jacob Wick, Carol Genetti, Gust Burns, Patrick Neill Gundran (Uneasy Chairs). Sporadic collaborations have included many other creative voices in contemporary weirdness. For 10 years Wilson helped to organize the performance space Gallery 1412 in Seattle. He relocated to Los Angeles in late 2017.

Widow [A.Vitacolonna] is a Los Angeles based performer & conceptual artist, pulling from the guts of their lifelong exploits in movement, sound, language, love, pain, deconstruction, and ritual healing. They are most passionate about exploring and confronting interdimensional consciousness in both their hypnotherapy practice and somatic experiments.

Microwave Windows + Blood of Chhinnamastika:
"MiCrOwAvE WinDowS" Experimental Minimalist Sound Art and Noise project which initiated in 1995 (Bay area California). Fascinated by mere sound itself. MW has been recording Experimental music, collage pieces, field recordings and performing frequently and infrequently since inception. MW has recorded self released material in several formats has been featured on various collections and has performed many times in various cities at concerts and Festivals in North America and overseas, as well as on Radio and Television. MW collaborates often with various experimental artists and artists from other genres as well. In addition MW is involved in several side projects constantly recording new material ranging in arrived styles and forms. MW is also a painter photographer and customized furniture desiger builder maker. For over 20 years Microwave Windows has lived in underground obscurity and also in the public at various times collaborating with many artists, performing live frequently and infrequently releasing self produced diy material and pieces in cohabitation with other artists. MW has produced and scored audio for independent films as well as making his own. A nomadic art project as a whole, MW has traveled far and wide for two decades and continues to perform and create and be a major supporter of experimental music and noise to this current day.
Microwave Windows main goal is to collaborate with as many artists as possible. MW and Blood of Chhinnamastika began collaborating in 2017.

BLOOD OF CHHINNAMASTIKA aka Dario Puga is harsh esoteric cut up bay area noise. Utilizing special pedals designed for maxmsp. Also has many side projects including Botched Facelift and others as well as being proprieter of thepetgoat records.

Amber Mueller is a painter art gallery owner and media artist. She employs found video, audio and recordings of television programming to create collages that resemble portraits and narratives. Her work commonly contains themes of cultural identity and gender roles, often examining the beautiful as well as the disturbing elements that are woven into popular American culture. She will be providing visuals for Microwave Windows + Blood of Chhinnamastika live collaboration.

FiLTHMiLK amalgamates classical Hindustani and western classical elements together with urban hip hop, industrial, punk and metal for a distinctive sound. Hypnotic cello arrangements compliment and counterbalance the sitar raga, MPC talas, and analog synthesizers to create an unworldly cinematic aural experience. It's raw, energetic, and strangely danceable. This is the music that will bring robots and humans together for a brief moment of joy before the total annihilation of everything.

Lori Varga will be doing projections for Filthmilk and Deletist.
Lori Varga is a veteran analog filmmaker and visual artist, since 1995 she's been furiously working with 16mm archival stock footage & processing her own super 8 homemade movies. Lori has toured for years throughout Texas/ Arizona and California showing her work at micro cinemas and many site specific galleries in the bay area. She's done large scale 16 and 35mm film work for acts such as the Butthole Surfers, Daniel Johnston, Helios Creed, Legendary Pink Dots, St37, Gorch Fock, and hundreds of noise and improvisor music acts for the last 25 years. Her work is unique, offbeat, avant garde and all hand made. Her film collages and short pieces have been shown in film festivals around the globe and she often makes her own soundtracks with discarded audio gear ,vintage reel to reel tape decks & haunted circuit bent electronics.