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Thu, May 9 2019 8:00 PM

8:15 pm Cheryl Leonard
sound art/vocals/invented and natural instruments produced in surround sound
8:50 pm Citizen Fly 2
Honor Monaco, Joel Nelson, Dylan Burchett
9:30 pm TJ Thompson 5
Karl Evangelista - guitar, gabby fluke-mogul - violin, Bruce Ackley - saxophones, Kevin Robinson - saxophones, TJ Thompson - drums

Cheryl E. Leonard presents Slough, a piece in quadraphonic sound for water, sand, rocks, and shells, plus field recordings of water. Slough was inspired by the San Francisco Bay Estuary and explores transformations from water channel to mud flat and vice versa.

Citizen Fly 2 met at Mills College in 2016 and have been playing together since 2016. This project formed in 2018, and focus on the difficulties of trio playing, especially with a computer.
They have a big bag of walnuts. Sometimes they bounce them on a little speaker. We named our band Citizen Fly 2 because Honor has a Citizen Kane poster on her wall, and the movie The Fly is really scary, and they like to play scary.

TJ Thompson is an enthusiastic drummer//improviser//sound artist based in Portland, OR active in a diversity of creative music collaborations with poets, members of Oregon Koto-Khai, butoh dancers and various other musicians in the creative music community.

Cost: $8-15 sliding
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Bruce Ackley and Eugene Chadbourne