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Tue, Nov 19 2019 8:00 PM

An evening of audio-visual improvisations with Birgit Ulher (trumpet, radio, speaker, objects), Bill Hsu (video, electronics), and Tom Djll (trumpet, electronics).

Birgit Ulher studied the visual arts, which still have an important influence on her music. Since moving to Hamburg in 1982 she has been involved in free improvisation and experimental music. She works mainly on extending the sounding possiblities of the trumpet and has developed her own extended techniques and preparations for producing these sounds.

Since 2006 she works with radiosounds, using extended speakers, fed with radio noise in her trumpet mutes. The trumpet functions as an acoustic chamber and modulates the radio noise, thus the trumpet is transmitter and receiver at the same time.

Her solo work includes pieces with tape (Traces and splitting 21, a collaboration with Michael Maierhof) as well as pieces for sound installations. She performs solo and with her working ensembles, collaborates with dancers, visual artists, composers and musicians from around the world. She has given lectures und workshops at Haifa University, SAIC - School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Hochschule für Musik Basel, The Queen's University in Belfast, Galeria Mérida, Mexico and Anahuac 33 in Mexico City.

She has performed at festivals in Europe, USA, South America, Russia, the Middle East and Australia, such as Warsaw Autumn, Szünetjel Festival in Budapest, High Zero in Baltimore, On the Outside in Newcastle, Kaleidophon in Ulrichsberg, FONT Festival in New York, The Now Now Festival in Sydney, SoundOut Festival in Canberra, Densités in Wesnes-en-Woevre, Teni Zvuka Festival in St. Petersburg, Concepts of Doing in Berlin, Tsonami Festival in Valparaiso - Chile, Umbral Anniversary in Mexico City among others.

Tom Djll studied with Stephen Scott, Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, Wadada Leo Smith, George Lewis, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Karl Berger and many other giants of new music. He spent the years 1981-1993 working with the Serge Modular Music System (published work MUTOOTATOR, 1992) before enrolling in Mills College Contemporary Music Program, where he extended his quest to develop and integrate an idiosyncratic trumpet language into an electronic sound environment, while also pursuing advanced improvisation studies, formally, with Pauline Oliveros, and, informally, with Jack Wright. While at Mills, Djll concentrated on microtonal composition, split-tone trumpet technique, and computer music. He also collaborated on recording projects with composer Chris Brown. Further development of trumpet languages and free improvisation with GROSSE ABFAHRT was undertaken from 1999 – 2010, published on the Emanem, Creative Sources, and Setola di Maiale labels. Beginning in 2012, Djll gradually re-introduced electronics into his sound-set, concentrating on analog systems and electroacoustic interfaces.

Bill Hsu works with electronics and interactive animations. He teaches and does research at San Francisco State University.

Cost: $15 General, $10 Members and Students
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Demo for Floe (version 2/26/17)
video and music by Bill Hsu