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Sat, Jun 15 2024 9:00 PM

1750 Arch Street Berkeley
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Hallie Smith – Akerselva

Eda Er – voice and electronics

Hallie Smith and Adrian Montufar – amplified viola, voice and flute

Akerselva is a technologically mediated violin and viola performance, accompanied by audiovisual laser elements. It examines the creative use of scale and focal points to create slowly shifting micro-environments.

Eda Er, a San Francisco Bay Area-based composer, sound artist, and singer, delves into expressivity and narrativity using a variety of mediums including singing, composition, analog and digital electronics, video, theatrical elements, and storytelling. For this event, she will be exploring ambient electronic soundscapes accompanied by her vocal performances.

Hallie Smith (viola) and Adrian Montufar present an amplified acoustic duo in conjunction with it/qué, a fabric sculpture by Anamaya Farthing-Kohl.