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Kyle Bruckmann
Oboe, English horn, analog electronics
Oboist Kyle Bruckmann tramples genre boundaries in widely ranging work as a composer/performer, educator and new music specialist. His creative output – extending from a Western classical foundation into gray areas encompassing electro-acoustics, free jazz, post-punk rock, and the noise underground – can be heard on more than 60 recordings from labels including New World, Hat Art, Entr’acte, Not Two, Clean Feed, Another Timbre, 482Music and Sick Room. His ensemble affiliations include sfSound, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Eco Ensemble, Splinter Reeds, the Stockton Symphony, and Quinteto Latino. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2003, he has performed with the San Francisco Symphony and most of the area’s regional orchestras while remaining active within an international community of improvisers and sound artists.

From 1996 until his westward relocation, he was a fixture in Chicago's experimental music underground; his most significant long-term projects dating from that era include Lozenge, EKG, and Wrack. More recently, key local working groups have included Degradient, Addleds, Shudder, Ghost in the House, mchtnchts, and Pink Mountain. He currently teaches at UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis.
Photo Albums (click to view photos):
The 2016 debut, at Peralta Station, of DEGRADIENT (w/ Aram Shelton, Jason Hoopes and Jordan Glenn)
The premiere, at the 2013 Outsound New Music Summit, of Wrack ...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire (made possible by the Chamber Music America New Jazz Works commissioning program).
CDs on which Kyle Bruckmann appears:
Bruckmann/Djll/Heule/Nishi-Smith Brittle Feebling
Artist: Bruckmann/Djll/Heule/Nishi-Smith
Title: Brittle Feebling
Label: Bandcamp
Label page on this site: Bandcamp
Kyle Bruckmann​/​Tim Daisy Loop Language
Artist: Kyle Bruckmann​/​Tim Daisy
Title: Loop Language
Label: Relay Recordings 012
Label page on this site: Relay Recordings
Relay Recordings 012
The Chromelodia Project Chris Brown: Some Center
Artist: The Chromelodia Project
Title: Chris Brown: Some Center
Label: New World Records 80822
Label page on this site: New World Records
New World Records 80822
Kyle Bruckmann Triptych (tautological)
Artist: Kyle Bruckmann
Title: Triptych (tautological)
Label: Bandcamp
Label page on this site: Bandcamp
Tim Walters Shatter in Place
Artist: Tim Walters
Title: Shatter in Place
Label: Bandcamp
Label page on this site: Bandcamp
Kyle Bruckmann Draußen ist Feindlich
Artist: Kyle Bruckmann
Title: Draußen ist Feindlich
Label: Bandcamp
Label page on this site: Bandcamp
Degradient Dear Everyone
Artist: Degradient
Title: Dear Everyone
Label: Not Two 955
Label page on this site: Not Two
Not Two 955
Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack ...awaits silent Tristero's empire
Artist: Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack
Title: ...awaits silent Tristero's empire
Label: Singlespeed Music SSM-014
Label page on this site: Singlespeed Music
Singlespeed Music SSM-014
Bruckmann/Diaz-Infante/Shiurba/Stackpole grand mal
Artist: Bruckmann/Diaz-Infante/Shiurba/Stackpole
Title: grand mal
Label: Pax Recordings bar 1234/pax
Label page on this site: Pax Recordings
Pax Recordings bar 1234/pax
T.D. Skatchit & Company Skatch Migration
Artist: T.D. Skatchit & Company
Title: Skatch Migration
Label: Edgetone Records EDT4103
Label page on this site: Edgetone Records
Edgetone Records EDT4103