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Sat, Jun 7 2008 1:00 PM

Museum of Children's Art
538 Ninth Street Oakland, Ca 93607

Treasure Mouth: a SperryFest Improv Children's Karaoke Matinee
An afternoon event of the Sixth Annual Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival for children and families based on Matthew's Treasure Mouth composition that requires a band to follow along to lyrics as fast as they can be written out for them by others. A house band of Matthew's beloved friends will assemble in the Mocha Courtyard to receive written instructions from scribbling children. With Alan Anzalone, Aurora, Aaron Bennett, Tom Bickley, Myles Boisen, Chris Broderick, Chris Brown, Val Esway, Ron Heglin, Bill Horvitz, Morgan Guberman, Darren Johnston, Dan Plonsey, Mantra Plonsey, Garth Powell, Rent Romus, Scott Rosenberg, Thomas Scandura, John Shiurba, David Slusser, Damon Smith, Michael Zelner and more. Visit for updates.

Cost: free | donations accepted
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Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
From left, Heikki "Mike" Koskinen digital trumpet, Tane Kannisto saxophone, Teppo Hauta-aho double bass, Ville Rauhala double bass, Rent Romus saxophone and Simo Laihonen drums at Telakka, Tampere, Finland 31.5.2017.