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Sun, Sep 17 2017 8:00 PM

ROVA Meets Ghost In The House

Rova Saxophone Quartet explores the synthesis of composition and collective improvisation, creating exciting, genre-bending music that challenges and inspires. They are one of the longest-standing groups in the music movement that has its roots in post-bop, free jazz, avant-rock, and 20th century new music, and draws inspiration from the visual arts and from the traditional and popular music styles of Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. For this show ROVA will feature new works.

ROVA is Jon Raskin, Bruce Ackley, Larry Ochs and Steve Adams (photo by Myles Boisen)

Conceived by filmmaker & musician David Michalak, Ghost in the House explores the ethereal and elemental soundscapes where music suggests an image. It could imply a murder mystery, a visitation in a dream or a cataclysmic storm. This show will feature music from their new CD Second Sight as well as early and recent work.

Ghost In The House is Kyle Bruckmann – double reeds, David Michalak – lap steel, Karen Stackpole – percussion, gongs, Tom Nunn – inventions, Polly Moller – bass flute, John Ingle – saxophones, Dean Santomieri - voice and guests Cindy Webster - saw and Kinji Hayashi – dance
With their unique instrumental combinations the two ensembles will present an evening of adventurous music making – performing as Rova and Ghost in the House, but also mixing it up for a grand finale.

Cost: $10 - $20