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Sat, Jun 14 2014 2:00 PM

Berkeley Arts
2133 University Avenue Berkeley
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The 2nd Annual Richard Waters New Music Festival will take place at Berkeley Arts on 6/14.
This festival of musical invention will run continuously from 2 – 10 PM and feature musicians from the greater bay area. The festival is free. (donations accepted). Please save the date and come join us!

2:00 Rent Romus and Heikki Koskinen - saxophone, e-trumpet

2:35 Music For Hard Times + special guest Mark Sadgrove from Tokyo - invented instruments
Tom Nunn - invented instruments, Paul Winstanley - extended electric bass

3:10 Gusty Winds May Exist - Tom Bickley - Recorder, Vocals, Electronics & Nancy Beckman - Shakuhachi

3:45 Get Your Bad Self Ready!
Steve Shain - metal bass, Ted Dutcher - waterphone, perccussion, Bart Hopkin - invented instruments, Peter Whitehead - invented instruments

4:20 Ron Heglin & Kattt Atchley - vocals

4:55 Reconnaissance Fly
Polly Moller - flutes, voice Amanda Chaudhary - keyboards, Rich Lesnik - reeds, Larry the O - drums and Tim Walters - bass

5:30 Eric Glick Rieman and Bryan Day - prepared Rhodes & invented instruments

6:05 Full Disclosure Big Band
Lee Charlton - saw, oil can bass, trombette, percussion, Rob Wright - acoustic upright bass, Keith Cudaback - keyboards, Tom Hasset - percussion, Tom Solinger - violin, primal vocalese, Gary Knowlton - Flamin' Hyena, bamboo, wind wands

6:40 Jon Raskin - solo saxophone

7:15 The Emercency String Ex-tet
Bob Marsh - contrabass, Doug Carroll - cello, David Michalak - lap steel, Kristina Dutton - violin

7:50 The Richard Waters Waterphone Orchestra
Tom Nunn, Bart Hopkin, Eric Glick Rieman, Jacob Felix Heule, Bob Marsh, David Samas, Karen Stackpole - waterphones and Cindy Webster - saw

Tom Waits describes the sound of the Waterphone as: “A cascading crystal waterfall of light amidst the songs of a whale.”

8:15 Grosse Abfahrt
Tom Djll - trumpets, electronics, Kyle Bruckmann - oboe, English horn, Jacob Felix Heule - percussions, electronics, Matt Ingalls - clarinets, Tim Perkis - electronics

8:50 Doug Carroll - cello, birds

9:15 Ghost In The House
Tom Nunn - invented instruments, Polly Moller - bass flute, John Ingle - saxophones, Kyle Bruckmann - double reeds, Karen Stackpole - gongs, percussion, David Michalak - lap steel, percussion

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Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Rova: Cobalt Blue
Invented Instruments , at the High Zero festival September 22nd 2012 , Baltimore Maryland
Jacob Felix Heule, Clarke Robinson, Matt Ingalls
The premiere, at the 2013 Outsound New Music Summit, of Wrack ...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire (made possible by the Chamber Music America New Jazz Works commissioning program).
Tender Buttons at Second Act, SF, 2016; live video processing by Bill Thibault
A montage of the free music group the Lords of Outland from their live presented as part of The Tenderloin Museum’s Sounds of the Tenderloin live music series at the Tenderloin National Forest in San Francisco July of 2022 Featuring Rent Romus on alto/soprano saxophones, Ray Schaeffer on bass, Anthony Flores on drums, and Philip Everett on