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Sat, Sep 17 2016 8:00 PM

Finnish Kaleva Hall
1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
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Outsound Presents The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble SF Bay Area

In celebration of his 70th Birthday Bay Area musicians come together for an Outsound Presents special incarnation of Grand master multi-reedist and composer Vinny Golia's Large Ensemble.

Composer, Director:
Vinny Golia - saxophones & woodwinds
Aaron Bennett, Beth Schenck, Bruce Ackley, Collette McCaslin, Dan Plonsey, David Slusser, Henry Kuntz, Isaac Narell, John Vaughn, Jon Raskin, Joseph Nobel, Josh Allen, Joshua Marshall, Kersti Abrams, Phillip Greenlief, Rent Romus, Steve Adams, Tom Weeks
Flutes & Woodwinds:
Frances Rodriguez - clarinet, Jaroba - bass clarinet, Michelle Hardy - Native American/Chinese flutes, Phillip Gelb - shakuhachi, Rachel Condry - bass clarinet, Tom Bickley - bass recorder
Ben Zucker - trumpet, George Moore - trumpet, Heikki Koskinen - e-trumpet, Ron Heglin - tuba
Drums & Percussion:
Aaron Levin, Donald Robinson, Jason Levis, Jordon Glenn, Mark Pino, Tim DeCillis - vibes, Vijay Anderson, William Winant
Kelley Kipperman - double bass, Matt Small - double bass, Neal Trembath - electric bass, Steve Horowitz - electric/acoustic basses, Doug Carroll - cello, Gabby Fluke-Mogul - violin, Tara Flandreau - violin, Shanna Sordahl - cello and electronics
Alex Yeung, Amy Reed, Aaron-Rodní Rodriguez, Bill Wolter, Henry Kaiser, John Finkbeiner, Leland Vandermeulen, Myles Boisen, Peter Whitehead, Robin Walsh, Roger Kim, Ross Hammond
Other Instruments:
Amanda Chaudhary - keyboard and electronics, Andrew Jamieson - keyboard/piano, Andrew Joron - theremin, Bryan Day - shuffleboard invention, Cheryl Leonard - natural object instruments, David Samas - overtone flute & bird calls, Derek Drudge - harmonica & voice, Gregory Scharpen - implements, Jake Rodriguez - modular synth, Philip Everett - analog electronics, Scott R. Looney - piano, Soo-yeon Lyuh - Korean Haegum, Tania Chen - toys, Thomas Dimuzio - modular synth and live samples

Vinny Golia founded the Large Ensemble in 1982 to perform his original compositions for chamber orchestra. His style of composition is strongly based in the Jazz tradition, blending heavily notated contemporary chamber music with improvisation, various extended instrumental techniques, 20th-century idioms, and world music concepts. Golia's music demands a talented and exceptional group of dedicated musicians adept at both score and improvising and at home in a wide variety of styles.
Despite the difficulties in funding live performance, Golia's compositions for the Large Ensemble have received both critical and popular acclaim through recordings starting in 1982 through the present.
Golia’s large ensemble compositions have been performed by the Northwest Creative Orchestra in Portland, Oregon; Co- Opportunity Orchestra in Austin Texas; NOW Orchestra in Vancouver BC; Aardvark in Boston Massachusetts, Walter Thompson’s Sound Painting Orchestra in New York, the WDR in Köln Germany. Specially created large ensembles have also been created to play his music in New York, San Francisco, Portland, Oakland, Mexicalli Mexico, Vancouver and St. Louis Missouri. Since 1998 Golia has lead a Large Ensemble at the California Institute of the Arts.

"Golia is an unconventional autodidact who works in a grand style, with broad, messy strokes, mixing take-no-prisoners improv with rigorous composition. He takes obvious delight in the range of sounds at his command in the Large Ensemble, from tuba to piccolo-a sort of Mingus meets Stravinsky..." DOWNBEAT

"This is creative music on a grand scale, Braxtonish neo-bop to meditative chamber music. Golia prefers the term Large Ensemble to big band because it connotes a far wider spectrum of music. And here Golia has the full palette of musical colors he's been craving all these years, and the players who can realize his complex arrangements."

** This is an open call large ensemble. If you live in the SF Bay Area and or surrounding area and you want to be part please send RSVP to Rent Romus. Attendance at the 4pm rehearsal/workshop is required.
outsoundorg [at]
Please be sure to include your name, instrument and if you can read standard music notation or not. Reading is not necessarily required. Deadline Sept. 5

General Admission Concert doors 7:30
Show 8:00pm $15

Cost: $15